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Becoming a coach

To be a great coach you need passion for the sport and a commitment to assist our members to greater heights. Trampoline gymnastics is an amazing discipline to coach. Participants perform spectacular routines made up of impressive somersaults, twists and jumps. Your role is to support and develop these skills for participants to enjoy

Successful coaches of the Club include parents, teachers and Club members participants. The minimum age at the start of the course is 13 years old for the first level qualification. Coach Level 1 can be taken at 16, Coach Level 2 can be taken at 17, when 18 you can become self employed and paid for coaching services to the club.

As a coach we will support your personal journey to achieve nationally recognised British Gymnastics coaching qualifications (full funding can be available). Whether you’ve already achieved a coaching qualification in trampolining or gymnastics and wish to progress, or are new to coaching, you can gain experience with us under the supervision of a Level 4 coach.

Meet our Coaches/Officials

Coaching development

The Club hosted a level 0 coaching course in December 23. All 13 places were taken by club members, and they were all successful in gaining their first qualification.

A further two Club Coaches will progressed to their level one coaching qualification this, and two more coaches are looking to start their level 2 towards the end of the year. We wish them good luck!